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Ministry Report June 2014

"Even when the way goes through Death Valley, I’m not afraid when you walk at my side. Your trusty shepherd’s crook makes me feel secure." (Psalm 23:4)

♪Returnee Workbook for Businessmen and Family♪
This past Easter, a couple who had been attending our church, was baptized. Just two days after their public commitment to follow the Lord, they moved back to Japan. They must have still been damp from the baptismal water! They were “newborns” in Japan. Many obstacles clouded their way during their transition: their son was hospitalized with appendicitis, their daughter got shingles, nettles rashes, and an unknown internal disease. Their various troubles was evidence enough to convince me that crossing countries is never easy; it’s especially tough on the little ones.

In recent years, I have had more opportunities to minister to families rather than singles. Some of them become Christian and return to Japan. At times, only the wives become Christian. Such interaction with this new crowd urged me to make a Returnee Workbook specifically for working individuals and families. Of course the basics are similar to the Returnee Workbook that we have previously made for singles and students. The similarities of the two groups include coping mechanisms with reverse culture shock and how to deepen your faith no matter where we live. Needs specific to the latter group include being a Christian in the workplace, building a strong Christian family, and serving at local churches. Thankfully, I received help and insight from friends who share a similar vision. The resources came from all over the world.

I am thankful to God who continues to expand the JCFN ministry target’s age range and target location. Please join me in prayers to work on this project.

♪EC14 Preparation Kicks Off ♪

Preparation for Equipper Conference (EC), scheduled at the end of the year, has begun. Thankfully, God gave us a director this year and we had the first committee meeting at the end of May. Members flew from all over the US while others joined us through Skype for the two-day meeting.

As for me, I will supervise the Children's, Seekers, and English Programs. It is my first time to help the Seekers and English program, which excites me a lot. Especially, I am thrilled to be involved in the Seekers Program. The topic, "What is the Gospel?" is a question that has recently been on my mind. Since I read the book, "King Jesus Gospel: the Original Good News Revisited," I feel like we need to see salvation from the point of view of "becoming Jesus’ disciples to build the Kingdom of God." Since I am also in the process of restructuring how to approach seekers for myself, this is a great opportunity to think through this program together with seekers and the other program leaders. I thank God a lot!!

Despite the changing needs of EC participants due to the decline in Japanese international students and the shorter duration of such international programs, we commit ourselves to the unchanging mission: To proclaim the gospel in Japanese and equip disciples to be sent to Japan. Please join me in prayers that the EC14 will fulfill the mission.

♪Other Prayer Requests♪
1.It's summer season. Many students are returning to Japan either for the summer or for good. Please pray for the returnees' spiritual growth. Please also pray that a supporting Christian community will be provided for each one of them.
2.Please pray that the Lord will meet my financial needs. Thanks to God, the support improved after receiving some special donations. Yet, the need is still not met. My financial goal is $1600 /month and currently 91.2% has been met from July 2013 to April 2014. Please pray that God will fulfill all the needs.
3.One of our JCFN office staff, Machiko, got married at the end of May with a seminary student. Please pray for blessing on their newly wed life. Please also pray for a blessing as Machiko continues to work for JCFN.
4.JCFN leadership camp, WIT, will be held from June 26-28. This is one month earlier than the previous years. Please pray for a blessing as the leaders are trained and equipped.
5.A JCFN intern is coming from June 14 for a month and half. She will live at our house. Please pray that she will have a great experience.
6.Please pray that I can be a faithful servant, holding onto the calling from God as a minister, wife and mother.
7.Please pray for my home church, Takatsuki Evangelical Free Church.

Thank you very much for your prayers. God bless you all.
In Him,
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