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Ministry Report October, 2013

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:12).”

Summer is gone in the blink of an eye.
Each day flew by so quickly. I have to use my time wisely. If one’s lifetime were represented in one day, I would be at about 2pm right now. I still have plenty of time to do a few things before going to bed. This analogy served as a good reminder to number my days. I would like to be a faithful and wise steward, listening to what God asks me to do.

♪One day Women's Retreat♪

a0122207_1591197.jpgThis summer, JCFN-US had an intern from Moody Bible institute. Her major is pastoral care and emphasizing on women's ministry. One of her internship requirements was to plan a women's retreat. On July 20th, JCFN had our first one-day women's retreat. There were over 40 attendees ranging in age from their 20's to 70's. During the retreat, we had a time of stillness and meditated on each one's spiritual journey after an inspirational testimony. It was a truly spiritual and a fruitful moment, way beyond our expectations.

a0122207_1594048.jpg"During the meditation, I realized for the first time that I was angry towards God because of what I had been through. I feel like I found the key to solve my spiritual struggle now. I want to take this seriously and tackle with God." "I thought it was coincidence for me to come to this retreat but it was not true. I was so blessed. Now I really need to pray for my future step."

Overall, the retreat seemed to serve the attendees by allowing them the opportunity to face God and prompt them to take the next step. Many said, "please host this kind of retreat annually." Though we are unsure as to host any future retreats, but I thank God for this opportunity for us to see the potential for a new ministry.

♪Bible Study♪

In the last few years, I have set out four goals for myself. These are: 1) Ministry for moms in the Irvine area, 2) Mentoring young people and students, 3) Organizing resource material for the returnees, and 4) To be in ministry as a couple. I had been involved in goals #1-3, but we finally started #4 this summer. We invited students from our church to our home for a six-series Bible study. We studied "Sermon on the Mount" together, which also is the theme for Equipper Conference this year. "Who will cook for them?" "Who will take care of the kids during the Bible study?" These were some of the concerns that I had but God took care of them and we successfully completed all six lessons. During that time, I had the privilege to have a one-on-one evangelistic Bible study with a girl who was a short-term exchange student. I was so blessed. We are seeking for the Lord's will on how we can develop this ministry as a couple. Please pray for us.

♪Partnership Development Seminar♪
a0122207_215694.jpgDuring the end of summer, we participated in a one-day Partnership Development Seminar. We learned practical ways on how to develop ministry supporters. I personally liked the principles they presented as we drew financial issues from the Bible. Both ministers and supporters need to be equipped as a disciple of the Lord and we all need to experience God's abundant provision through giving.
While taking this seminar, I was reminded of the love and support I continuously receive from all of you. Each of you have been giving faithfully and praying for me. I thank you so much.
♪Other Prayer Requests♪
1.Growth for those with whom we follow-up. Pray that amidst the Japanese culture, church, family, and other varying issues, these believers may remain connected to God, and that a Christian community will be provided for each one of them.
2.Please pray that the Lord will send new people to Mommy & Me class. Also, please pray for blessings on the one-on-one bible study for a new believer, and mentoring with college students.
3.Please pray that the Lord will meet my financial needs. This fiscal year, my financial goal is raised to $1600 /month and currently 68.1% has been met. As a matter of fact, my support has been dropped for the past 12 months. Please pray for God's provision. Also, not only for me, but as JCFN whole, we have been facing financial challenges. Please pray for this in order to promote God's work.
4.We are working on translating a devotion guide for returnees. I thank God that we have enough volunteers. Please pray that it will be completed by the end of December so that we will be able to distribute it to returnees.
5.Please pray that I can be a faithful servant, holding onto the calling from God as a minister, wife and mother.
6.Please pray for my home church, Takatsuki Evangelical Free Church.

Thank you very much for your prayers. God bless you all!!
In Him,
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 ここ数年4つの目標を掲げてきました。1. アーバインでママ相手のミニストリーをする。2.若者のメンタリング。3. リソースの作成、そして4. 夫婦で何かのミニストリーをする。今まで4つ目がなかなかできなかったのですが、この夏その機会が与えられました。教会の青年たちとともに、6回シリーズで、今年のイクイッパー・カンファレンスのテーマである、山上の垂訓についてのバイブルスタディを持つことができたのです。夕食はどうする?子どもの寝かしつけは?等の色々な心配はありましたが、主が守って下さり、無事に6回の学びを終えることができました。



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Power of a Praying wife







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Ministry Report July 2012

“What if he did this to make the riches of his glory known to the objects of his mercy, whom he prepared in advance for glory—.” (Romans 9:23)

Praise the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!
We are in the midst of summer. Most students finished their school year and either return to Japan or attend summer school.
As for moms, their kids finish their schools as well; as a result, they are busier than usual, taking kids to various schools and camps, or taking care of them at home.
I wonder how I can develop ministries creatively and with flexibility during such season.
How are you doing?


♪ANRC preparation is accelerated. ♪
The preparation for the third All Nations Returnees Conference is in full-gear. This conference will be held in Shizuoka, Japan from November 22nd to 25th 2012.
Approximately 700 people, from all over the world, attended the past two conferences. Returnees were greatly encouraged; at the same time, they were challenged with how they can serve the Lord in Japan and in the world using their experiences of living overseas. Many regional meetings and small groups were born through this conference.
The theme of the conference this year is “Responding to God’s calling as a vessel of compassion.” I expect that we will receive our callings as workers of the Lord in a more clear way at the conference-- that we will be able to serve both God and people-- no matter where we live.

I will be in charge of coordinating the Early Morning Prayer meetings and overseas regional meetings. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance so that the conference will be filled with the Holy Spirit. Please also pray that each one of the participants will be encouraged and equipped for their ministries.

♪OC Bible Study for Moms continues…♪
The Bible study for moms that I introduced to you in the previous newsletters is held two to three times a month. The members originally came to the US for various reasons. Some came because they married Americans, while others came for their husband’s two- to five-year business terms. On the other hand, others may have come to the States as students and stayed afterwards. Because of their various backgrounds, the issues and concerns they have are also varying. Their kids’ age range is also wide: some moms are still pregnant while others are moms of junior high-schoolers. Moreover, some are stay-at-home moms while others have part-time jobs. Another is working on her PhD degree. I wonder how God can lead this unique group. I sometimes feel challenged but I lead this group with prayer that God use this place to continually transform each one’s life. I also pray that we can start an outreach ministry to non-believers through. Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance.

 ♪JCFN’s 20-year anniversary booklet♪
This project has become much larger than we originally thought. But finally, we can see the end. Most of the articles are translated and edited. We have yet to create a lay out, complete the final editing, print, and it will be done!! I am hopeful that it will be done by the end of September.
As I lead this project, I have had the privilege to read many people’s articles. I also read a lot of articles in the past JCFN newsletters. I was grateful for the blessings that JCFN has had over the past 20 years. I also look forward to witness God’s vision for JCFN in the next 20 years that follow.

♪Other Prayer Requests♪
1.Growth for those with whom we follow-up. Pray that amidst the Japanese culture, church, family, and other varying issues, these believers may remain connected to God, and that a Christian community will be provided for each one of them.
2.Please pray that the Lord will meet my financial needs. I need to raise approximately $1,500/ month this year and 87.9% have been met in these past five months.
3.Please pray that I can be a faithful servant, holding onto the calling from God as a minister, wife and mother.
4.We are having the future Equipper Conference vision casting meeting on August 4th. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance.
5.I have had opportunities to share the gospel to a mom who sends her daughter to the pre-school that my daughter goes to. I invited her to mom’s class, church concert, and Sunday service. Please pray for her salvation.
6.Please pray for my home church, Takatsuki Evangelical Free Church.

Thank you very much for your prayers. God bless you all!!

In Him,
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